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Health Equity, Diversity,
Inclusion, & Accessibility

STRIDE is deeply committed to equity, ensuring fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all individuals. We actively work to identify and dismantle barriers that hinder full participation, particularly for marginalized groups. Our mission extends to eliminating structural barriers rooted in historical and systemic inequities, thereby addressing the unique needs of the individuals we serve. 

The Deputy Director of Equity and Wellness will proactively identify and mitigate inequities, ensuring fairness in hiring, promotion, and access to opportunities., particularly for marginalized populations. This role is dedicated to fostering equity and inclusion both within STRIDE and across our community, ensuring every employee and patient feels welcomed, respected, valued and that they receive high-quality care, no matter their identity or life circumstances.

At STRIDE, we are committed to diversifying our workforce to mirror the diverse patients we serve, ensuring culturally responsive and linguistically appropriate services. Having bilingual and bicultural staff allows us to communicate directly with our patients in their own languages. When direct communication in their language is not possible, we make every effort to coordinate live interpreters or translation services, ensuring accessibility for the 136 languages represented in our community.

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