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Nurse Practitioner & Physicians Assistant
Community Health Fellowship Program

The STRIDE NP/PA Fellowship is a one-year program that begins in 2024. It offers a dynamic outpatient training experience across various STRIDE Community Health Clinics in the Denver- Metro Area. The fellowship provides a blend of mentorship, hands-on clinical experience, and problem-based learning. The Integrated Fellowship clinic is the primary location for the fellowship, but there are also unique rotations available within STRIDE that complement each program.

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Our goal is to create a nurturing and creative immersive training atmosphere that empowers nurse practitioner and physician assistant fellows to achieve their maximum potential and succeed in their careers by equipping them with the clinical acumen, procedural skills, critical thinking and systems based approach that serves our most underserved community members. 


STRIDE primarily serves Hispanic/Latino/a patients and provides healthcare services to Medicaid, Medicare, and uninsured individuals regardless of their financial status. The organization has a specialized refugee service that collaborates with local resettlements and prioritizes care for pregnant people, children, and OBGYN. STRIDE also offers integrated dental and behavioral health services, including support for patients with substance use disorders and health education, created a health home for our underserved neighbors.


We aim to train Fellows on our patient-centered approach to healthcare. Using a team-based model, our patients receive individualized care from a variety of healthcare professionals. Our goal is to provide exceptional healthcare services to our community's most vulnerable populations. We strive to ensure our patients feel heard, cared for, affirmed, and respected and that our Fellows feel prepared and supported to confidently manage the complexities of primary care.

Community health centers are known to provide an incredibly fulfilling and satisfying work experience. It is of importance to ensure that newly graduated NPs and PAs are given ample opportunities to gradually transition into their respective specialties fellowship offers the guidance and supervision of experienced professionals in a team-based approach. This can be achieved through a combination of supervised training, intermittent didactics, leadership training, and exposure to a unique public health perspective that is characteristic of community health centers.

Our fellowship program is designed to teach NPs and PAs the skills they need to become leaders in the healthcare industry, with a focus on advocating for public health and healthcare policy that benefits all members of the community. Our expert faculty members guide fellows through a comprehensive curriculum that includes hands-on training, mentorship, and real-world experience.

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