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STRIDE is Working to Close the Cancer Screening Gap

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

During the COVID-19 pandemic, cancer screening rates dropped drastically. Since, STRIDE has been working to close the screening gap rates for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer.

If you would like to donate or learn more information about the Cancer Screening Campaign, please visit: Help STRIDE Close the Cancer Screening Gap! | Colorado Gives 365

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, STRIDE's Specialty Cancer Screening Navigators are wrapping services around over 40 uninsured patients are waiting to receive necessary imaging and biopsy.

Historically, STRIDE's front range clinics have a higher volume of patients with Medicaid or Medicare where some of these screening and diagnostic costs can be covered.

However, clinics located on STRIDE's east side, including Arapahoe and Adams County, see a higher volume of uninsured patients that do not qualify for this financial support.


This October, STRIDE is fundraising for patients' treatment costs, most of who are uninsured or self-pay patients with financial restraints. Overwhelmingly, these patients are single parents with limited English proficiency (LEP).

This is great news to Lindy and her population team who have been working to close the cancer screening gap through outreach and education!

" speak to someone later about something else and have them say that they got their mammogram, and it was abnormal, leading to further diagnostics. Just the one person may tell her story to others and cause a chain reaction of screenings, you know? This is making a difference and personally having had a breast mass removed in June, I feel very passionate about this project. "-Lindy, STRIDE Access Lead

To date, STRIDE's direct calling outreach approach proved to be not only more impactful but also more environmentally friendly compared to traditional methods such as postcards or mail education and outreach STRIDE had enacted in the past.

Results from this initiative showcased consistent improvements in mammogram compliance over the months, aligning with STRIDE's commitment to quality healthcare. In February 2023, the total compliance rate for the West Region reached 59.5%, closely approaching the target of 60%. Furthermore, data segmentation by ethnicity and language highlighted valuable insights into the role of language proficiency in outreach efforts.

This holistic approach to healthcare and outreach, launched STRIDE-wide on August 1, 2023, has already begun to make a tangible difference in patients' lives by facilitating timely mammograms, early detection, and further diagnostics, emphasizing the significant impact of these collective efforts in promoting better health outcomes and environmental responsibility.


Rosie has been working at STRIDE for over 8 years and is a specialty care navigator working to make sure patients are supported with education and referral services to mammography and diagnostic services.

She is incredibly passionate about educating patients on the risks and warning signs of potential presence of cancer. Rose is a fierce advocate for her patients, especially those that do not qualify for WWC funding from the State of Colorado.

Throughout the month of October, STRIDE's Cancer Screening Navigators will be teaming up with the Development Department and STRIDE board members to fundraise for the Cancer Screening Program at STRIDE.

If you would like to donate or learn more information about the Cancer Screening Campaign, please visit: Help STRIDE Close the Cancer Screening Gap! | Colorado Gives 365

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