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The Intersection of Behavioral Health Trends and Refugee Services at STRIDE

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

“After several years of downturn in new resettlement, the United States is projected to admit 125,000 refugees in the current fiscal year.

Refugee communities have known risks of developing mental health problems due to high rates of exposure to war and conflict-related trauma and chronic stressors associated with displacement and resettlement.” (Bunn, Khanna , 2023).

Dellena Aguilar is a woman that carries the spirit of her Chicana roots with her everywhere she goes.

This is evident throughout her work at STRIDE Community Health Center where she serves as a highly accomplished licensed psychologist with 20 years of experience in the field of equity work.

STRIDE Community Health Center’s Refugee program screens and treats, on average, 1,300 new refugee or asylum seeking immigrants every year.

Dellena is a key team member in each Domestic Medical Screening Exam and

supports individuals and families with a wide array of culturally competent counsel and assessment. Driven by a deep commitment to underserved and marginalized communities, Dellena consistently seeks opportunities to support and uplift those who have been marginalized. Her dedication to inclusivity and equity is evident in their work, as she strives to address the unique needs and experiences of these communities especial

those with exposure to trauma, displacement and resettlement.

Committed to creating positive change within this community, Dellena has been at the forefront of addressing systemic issues and advocating for social justice in her community and within her place of work.

When she is not at STRIDE, working alongside 30-40 new refugee patients a week, Dellena facilitates impactful workshops and delivers compelling presentations about dismantling institutional racism. With a focus on the intersection of class, race, and gender, Dellena actively promotes awareness and understanding, empowering others to challenge systemic biases and work towards a more equitable society.

Click here to learn more about STRIDE's Refugee Program.


Bunn M, Khanna D, Farmer E, Esbrook E, Ellis H, Richard A, Weine S. (2023) Rethinking mental healthcare for refugees. SSM Ment Health.

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