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Bridging the Gap: STRIDE Providers Advocate for Cancer Screening Awareness on Local News

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Throughout the month of October 2023, STRIDE's dedicated team of providers took their commitment to the next level by using their voices on two major media platforms, Denver Channel 7 and Telemundo, to raise awareness about the significance of cancer screening and the disparities STRIDE patients often encounter.

October is well-known as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, dedicated to highlighting the importance of early detection through breast cancer screenings. However, providers at STRIDE recognize that the significance of cancer screening extends beyond breast cancer. That's why STRIDE provider's advocacy efforts went further to include all types of cancer screenings and the disparities that exist in the Denver Metro community.

Addressing Disparities: A Core Focus

STRIDE is acutely aware of the health disparities that exist in our community. Access to healthcare services, including cancer screenings, can be a significant challenge for many individuals. Last month, two providers took the opportunity to address these disparities during their appearances on Denver Channel 7 and Telemundo. They highlighted the importance of making screenings accessible and affordable to all, irrespective of socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or background.

Join Us in Promoting Cancer Screening Awareness

STRIDE Community Health Center believes that promoting cancer screening awareness is a fundamental step towards reducing the burden of cancer and improving the overall health of the community.

As we move forward, STRIDE encourages you to take charge of your health by scheduling regular cancer screenings and sharing this important information with your loved ones.

Together, we can bridge the gap in healthcare disparities and create a healthier, more equitable community for all!

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